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Just some of our fine HSS bits.

Precision Made In England

The Finest Razor-Sharp High-Speed Steel

Myth: High-Speed Steel (HSS) bits lose their edge and have been superseded by Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) bits. Nobody uses HSS anymore.

Fact: It’s true that TCT bits last a very long time. However HSS bits can be easily sharpened to a much finer edge using a Diamond Whetstone. Because they are engineered from a single piece of steel, HSS bits can be crafted to match the traditional shape of a hand-cut dovetail even at miniature sizes. Jigs that rely on TCT bits simply cannot produce this quality of work.

We also produce a range of straight bits in diameters from 1.6mm, for miniature Finger Joints, up to 12.7mm (1/2") for Pin Cutting and Tenoning.

One benefit often overlooked is that sharper bits can be run at lower router speeds, and lower speed means less noise. HSS = Quieter routing.


Of course, TCT bits are useful for cutting man-made boards and you can use them on the 'Rat with no bother. In fact, you can use virtually any router bit.

WoodRat Bits are sold individually or discounted in selected sets (saving you around 20%).

Postscript: In his book Woodworker's Guide to Dovetails, Ernie Conover says: "While amateur and commercial users think that carbide is superior to HSS this is not so. They are still used by industry because of their clean cutting of hardwoods and their ease of sharpening. This legend probably persists because years ago sets of inferior cast HSS bits were offered as premiums with routers. A good HSS bit will cut hardwood better because it can be ground to more severe rake angles than carbide."


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