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The latest WoodRat jointing machine. It has the same quality components, the same new features and the same joint making ability. It's two thirds the length and two thirds of the price of the WR900. This makes it ideal for the hobbyist with a small workshop. Or for the WR900 owner wanting to add another 'Rat to the workshop, set up for a specific task.

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Still using spanners to change cutters? Why? You can change bits in seconds with the Musclechuck. This is probably the best router accessory since the WoodRat! It features a new clamp design that ensures a vise-like grip, it's perfectly concentric (no vibration) and there's no chance of fouling your cutter shank. We'd love to know what you think. Why not post a comment?

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Where it all begain. The original and still the best way to control a router for perfect joint making. Features a new improved channel, new aluminum clamps and a new fully illustrated manual. The WR900 is a unique innovation that makes routing and woodworking a real pleasure. Lovingly made by woodworkers with a passion. Beware of imitations.

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Depthing a router is a pain, especially in a router table! Fit The PlungeBar and depthing and fine adjustment are now smooth, fingertip actions thanks to the added leverage given by the bars. Ideal on the WoodRat and essential in a Router Table. Check out our video demonstration.

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